Cri/oFlex® is a cryogenic i/o solution using lithography and thin-film techniques on flexible substrates.  We fabricate multi-layer circuits of various (super)conductors on flex with lengths up to 1.2 m (4 ft). Thereby, Cri/oFlex® is able to route many type of signals in and out of your cryogenic system, with incurring minimal thermal load and volume.

For cryogenic i/o, a careful balance between thermal and electrical characteristics have to be found. The versatile Cri/oFlex® technology platform allows to tune the specifications to the required balance between attenuation (or resistance) and thermal load.

Cri/oFlex® uses only cryogenic and vacuum compatible materials, non-magnetic and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) materials are optional.


Cri/oFlex® Technology

The ability to fabricate multi-layer circuits allows to guide your signals through various types of waveguides. Whether you need to route DC-signals (0-10 MHz), AC/DC-signals (0-2 GHz), AC-signals (2-40 GHz) in and out your fridge, Cri/oFlex® has the flexibility to meet your specs. Compared to coaxial-microwave cabling solutions, Cri/oFlex® provides a massively scalable i/o solution for many cryogenic applications. For many quantum applications signal conditioning is extremely critical, and our next focus is to integrate these filters into the i/o chain.



Delft Circuits has developed the important ability to fabricate circuits of arbitrary length.



The Cri/oFlex® technology platform can also be used in combination with the circuit packaging of your quantum device and  other circuit components.

In 2018-2019 Delft Circuits introduces step-by-step its Cri/oFlex® product line. Do you, or your organisation, want to become an early adopter? Please contact us.

CF1: Ultra-thin, vibration isolated, i/o for scanning probe microscopy

CF1 provides i/o solutions for scanning probe microscopes (SPM), such as STM, AFM, MRFM and more. By using (microwave) waveguides on flexible substrates as thin as 12.5 um (1/2 mil), we are able to guide various types of signals to-and- from the tip with total vibration isolation. Various connectorization possibilities are available such as SMP, SMA, custom PCB and to solder pin.

CF2: Ultra-low thermal load and compact i/o for table-top cryo applications

CF2 provides i/o solutions for table-top cryogenic applications (down to ~4 Kelvin and/or ~300 miliKelvin), such as quantum internet applications, THz-detectors for astronomy, cryogenic optical systems, and more. By using (microwave) waveguides on flexible substrates, Cri/oFlex® is able to either increase the number of (microwave) lines or reduce the thermal load of a few lines. Various connectorizations possibilities are available such as SMP, SMA, custom PCB and to solder pin.

CF3: Ultra-low thermal load and scalable i/o for dilution refrigerators

CF3 provides i/o solutions for dilution refrigerator applications (down to ~10 miliKelvin), such as quantum computing, quantum research, nanotechnology and more. By using (microwave) waveguides on flexible substrates, Cri/oFlex® is able to massively increase the number of microwave drive lines (2-40 GHz) or pulsed-DC/flux-lines (0-2 GHz), for the same thermal load and required volume. This year we will able to provide a 9-SMP version that will fit through a KF40 and KF50 clearshot slot. Interested in important data such as cross-talk, attenuation, phase noise? Let us know!