Team & Facilities


At Delft Circuits we have a multi-discplinary team with backgrounds varying from design engineering, to chemistry, to high-performance computational physics, theoretical physics and process technology. This together with about two decades experience in cryogenic circuit technologies in the fields of superconducting- and topological-quantum computing, enables us to create products for the most challenging applications.

Quantum technologies operating in the coldest environments in the universe require thorough understanding of the underlaying electro- and thermodynamics combined with excellent control over the fabrication processes and materials.  All coming from our own backgrounds we were attracted to this exciting field of quantum technologies, where engineering is the most challenging.


In-house Fabrication

Past year we have been able to establish our own in-house fabrication facilities where we have access to wide varying range of processes and inspection methods.

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory (VLL)

In our building we have one of the largest research cleanrooms in Europe. Here we have access to most of the possible fabrication and inspection technologies. We can deposit many superconductors, metals and dielectrics through evaporation, sputtering, ALD, LPCVD, PECVD, etc. We have access to optical and ebeam lithography and inspection like AFM and SEM. With more than a decade experience in this cleanroom we are the ideal partner to fabricate your most challenging circuits.


We are extremely lucky to share the building with one of our partners: QuTech. QuTech is one of the leading research institutes in the world on quantum technologies. Being embedded in this excellent infrastructure gives us access to an enormous wealth of knowledge and facilities.